Our Farm

Manitoba family farm producing organic whole wheat stone ground flour and flour based mixes.


Ryan Hofford and his wife Amy, committed to the Farm Life after taking over his late Fathers’ farm in 2008. The land had been in natural hay production for many years, which encouraged the decision to transition the land to Organic.

The sustainable organic farming methods used ensures that no toxic chemicals, or pesticides are used when growing any of the crops. Crop rotations control weeds and pests, and growing green manure crops to help fix nitrogen are also ploughed down to improve soil health and fertility. Their first Organic grain crop was sown in 2009.

In 2012 the farm had expanded by two feet. The birth of their daughter Aubree encouraged farmers’ wife Amy to open up a grain processing facility in the farm yard. The goal was to be able to stay home with Aubree while supporting the family by offering an added value product to their farm.

Producing a healthy product is important to the Hofford’s, this lead to the decision to produce exclusively WHOLE GRAIN products.

Amy tested the markets the first year at Swan Valley Farmers’ Market selling Organic Whole Grain, Stone Ground Flour. The Flour sales were growing steadily as the word spread of a new local offering to the community. It didn’t take long for Amy to expand her line into baking and cooking mixes made from her Signature Whole Grain Flour. The expanded line helps showcase the many possibilities with whole grain flours beyond the traditional thoughts of bread.

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