Manitoba family Farm


Give Wheat Another Chance

Try whole grain flour in its purist form. 

Flour has changed drastically over the years. Commercialization has stripped wheat of its nutrients, and flour products are filled with so many additives – many of which can cause digestive issues. 


"I wanted better for my family. I knew you would too"

Our flour is bursting with flavour and nutrition, providing you with all the fibre and nutrients delivered from milling your own.

Produced naturally with NO additives, pesticides, bleaching agents, or dough conditioners commonly found in commercial flours.

"We inspect our product from start to finish - from the fields to the mill. We pride ourselves in the quality difference farm fresh makes."

The Hofford Family Farm

We are not a family farm with hired workers, or even a farm that has the help of the generation before us. It’s just my husband and I with our 2 kids by our side each day, trying our best.

north country grains owner amy hofford






Farmer In Training


Farmer in Training

My husband and I committed to farm life in Bowsman, Manitoba, after taking over his late Fathers’ farm in 2008. We transitioned the farm to Organic production, and our first Certified Organic crop was grown in 2009. We purchased a stone mill in 2013, and built a grain processing facility in our farm yard.

North Country Grains started by first offering stone ground flour and quickly expanded to our signature whole grain flour mix collection. You can now find our products in stores across Canada, as well as available through our online shop.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Many of us have lost the connection between farmers and our food. Being aware of where your food comes from and how its grown, leads to a greater appreciation for food and farmers. We want to re-establish the link between farms and people. We invite you to follow along on our farm adventures as we bring your food from field to table.

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